Little ways to change your life

This year I have really put to practice new ways that I can change my life on a daily basis by changing small things that I do. I found that each of these ways helped me have a better day, be more productive and remind me that we can be whatever we want if we put our minds to it.

  1. Sleep

I’ve been trying to get more sleep and to wake up earlier and go to bed earlier and for me this means getting up at 8.30/9am instead of 11am and going to bed at 11pm instead of 1am. However this doesn’t have to be the same for you, just try get up an hour earlier than usual if you tend to struggle getting up (which let’s be honest most of us do!) I find that a good sleep and early rise puts me in a better mood for the day and means I’m more productive.

2. Make a morning and night routine

as unnecessary as this sounds, a routine in the morning and night means you actually do what you’re supposed to instead of sitting and watching Netflix or YouTube. It also allows your body to wake up in the morning and start to settle at night, personally I’m a night time shower kind of person and this relaxes me before bed.

3. Keep a diary

Now I’m not saying to write all your secrets into a journal or anything, just a diary of your daily plans or what you need to prioritise for the day so you can be organised. This is especially essential if you have a busy day ahead and can get stuck into the most important tasks first as it keeps you focused. Plus nothing is more satisfactory than seeing you have ticked off everything you were supposed to do.

4. Walking

This is especially important if you not someone who loves sport or going to the gym to get daily exercise done, so instead I like to walk to the shops of uni. It doesn’t have to be long, it can just be a 15/20 minute walk to work, school or uni but it makes all the difference to your day. For a start it means you aren’t stuck inside all day and it gives you time to think and just relax, exercise releases endorphins that make you happy, therefore walking is a must.

5. Meditation.

This only takes up 10 minutes of your day and helps you feel ten times better, especially if it’s an extra stressful day ahead. Some people only meditate when they are stressed, other feel that it helps to do it every morning or night to settle your mind, just do whatever works for you.

6. Diet

The food you eat makes a huge impact on your mood, more than most people actually know, this is why I try to eat a well balanced diet. I am by no means a healthy person, I have too much love for chocolate, but I do try to have meals that have protein, vegetables and carbs so that my body is getting all that it needs. Then if I want something sweet (which most of the time I do), I’ll just eat it in moderation.


This is definitely the most important one of all. Try to be positive and look for the good in things and surround yourself with likewise people. Don’t let a bad situation bring your day down and instead thing of the best way you can resolve things because nothing is ever as bad as we think it is. You might not know it but being positive and kind towards other people can make their day a little better as well.

“It Matters Not What Someone Is Born But Who They Grow To Be”


Must Watch TV Shows

Being a Netflix fanatic, I always have to be watching a T.V show to keep me occupied. Currently I’ve been watching Riverdale which is a show about teens at a high school dealing with all the normal drama as well as the mysterious death of a local boy. Honestly, I’m hooked, but the problem is that the episodes go up weekly which is annoying because I’m more of a ‘binge watcher’ and like to be finished a series within a few days. But as far as binge watching goes, I’ve got loads of shows to recommend and because I can’t possibly pick favourites, these are in no order.

1.) My Mad Fat Diary

I feel that every teen needs to watch this show because you learn so much from it. Its about a girl who has been mentally ill and is trying to fit in with the ‘cool gang’. Honestly this makes me laugh every time I watch it, its hilarious and cringe-worthy while still dealing with real problems that exist. Mental health issues are such a big deal today and this shows deals with them directly from depression and low self esteem to eating disorders, not going to lie, I’ve shed a tear or two watching this. Its something everyone can relate to and is definitely a ‘must see’!

2.) Peaky Blinders

This is set in the 1920’s in Birmingham, England and is about a gang who work around the law to get power despite a police officer trying to catch them. This is honestly so good, I loved it! Plus, with Cillian Murphy playing the main role and Tom Hardy coming into season 2 as a gang leader, what’s not to love? This show is perfect for anyone and everyone as it features crime and action with a bit of romance meaning it ticks all of the boxes.


This is definitely in my top 3 favourites, honestly it’s an amazing show. It’s about a boy who is found dead on the beach and the local detective along with a new detective try to figure out what happened. I remember watching it and not being able to stop, there were so many cliff hangers that I just needed to keep watching. Every time I thought I knew who the killer was, they would drop a bombshell to keep everyone guessing. The ending was such a surprise as well, I wont give too much away but just expect the unexpected with this one.


Again, another crime drama, but this one is different. For a start it has Benedict Cumberbatch, but it’s also quite funny and interesting while still having the serious element. Even though we always know Sherlock will figure out the mystery, this still has me on the edge of my seat and still manages to surprise me with the outcome every time. I also like the fact that the episodes are an hour and a half long, its like watching mini-movies, but it means the series itself is really short.

5.) Gavin and Stacey

Just because everyone needs a bit of James Cordon in their lives. Honestly, this makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it, it’s comedy gold. This is one of those shows I always go back to, especially at Christmas because the Christmas special is the best. I would go as far to say that this series is the best British romantic comedy series out there.

6.) Gossip Girl

This is a drama about teens in the upper east side of New York City and all that comes with it in terms of drugs, sex and relationships. If you like pretty little liars, the OC or 90210, you’ll love this for sure. Another strong point for this is the abundance of good looking boys to admire, just saying. There are 6 season with over 20 episode each (except for the last season which only has 10) and that is bound to keep you hooked for months and calls for serious commitment.

7.) Awkward.

This is another coming of age show about a girl who has the worst luck in life and she’s just trying to survive high school. It’s quite funny because everything just seems to go wrong for her in the most public and embarrassing ways that you can empathise with her so much. Plus, there’s a few high school romances thrown in for good measure which is always a positive.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love all the classics like Friends, Inbetweeners and Family guy but when it comes to binge watching, these shows are definitely the best in my opinion. With crime, action, drama, romance and comedy, there is something for every one to watch. Enjoy!