My Favourite Make-up Brushes

I am constantly trying out new make-up brushes to see which ones are best but also cost effective. I’m a fan of real techniques and eco tools but I’ve recently heard from a make-up artist that Primark make-up brushes are really good and after taking her advice on buying some I was pleasantly surprised. So below are the brushes I use at the moment but I’m open to new suggestions if any one has any..

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I use this to put on my foundation and concealer and I’ve honestly been using it for years and really like it (of course I’ve bought new ones, not the same brush!). It gives a good even coverage however I feel like this brush does need a little extra work when blending as it can leave brush strokes on my face so it requires a bit more time which is worth it in the end.

Real Techniques Powder Brush

I love this brush because of how soft it is and it distributes the powder evenly on my face to make sure it doesn’t look cakey. This brush is definitely one of my favourites.

Primark Contour Brush

I was so surprised when I first used this, it distributes enough product on my face without over doing it and is the perfect shape for contouring under my cheekbones. this brush itself is super soft but still firm and none of the bristles have fallen out like what normally happens with cheap brushes. I would recommend to anyone on a budget and I’m excited to try what other brushes Primark has to offer.

Double Contour Brush

Real Techniques Blush Brush

Again I’ve been using this for years and can’t seem to find anything better. The shape of it means that the perfect amount of blush in distributed while allowing it to look natural. Out of all the brushes this is my favourite because it gives a flawless look.

Seventeen Cheeks Brush

This brush doesn’t have a proper name as I got it in a set but I actually use this for highlight. its quite a narrow brush so it is the perfect fit for cheekbones, nose etc. It’s also really soft which is good meaning its not too heavy on the product which means that my highlighter still pops without me looking like the tin man.

EcoTools Blend and Smudge Brush

Normally im not a massive fan of dual sided brushes but ive been really impressed with this. Its great at blending out eye shadow evenly and I also like the fact that these brushes are recycled, it makes me feel slightly better about spending money.

EcoTools Shape and Define Brush

I got this in a set with the blend and smudge brush and again I really like this one. I tend to use the thicker side more as it packs on colour really well but the other side is good for doing eyebrows even though that’s not what its for.

French Connection Brush

This brush doesn’t have a name because I got it in a Christmas gift set but its definitely my favourite eye shadow brush. Its so soft but really good quality and I find it puts a lot of product on which makes my eye shadow look really good.


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